Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grass-Fed, Pastured Meat

I've been looking into local sources of organic, grass-fed, pastured meat... for those of you who are interested and in the Corvallis area, this is what I've found so far, but have not yet investigated prices or purchasing:

At Abundant Life Farm, our goal is to provide a better tasting and healthier product for consumers who care about the food they eat and how it is raised—food from the abundance of life God provides—true food for life.
Our layers, broilers, and turkeys are moved daily to fresh pasture and are fed a high quality, custom feed locally mixed to our own recipe. Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving. Now available is pasture raised duckling. Fresh broilers are available during the summer; frozen broilers are available year round.  Brown eggsare available year round. All of our poultry is processed by hand in our state inspected poultry processing facility, so we can verify the safety and cleanliness of our product from start to finish. 
Our salad bar beef is moved daily to fresh pasture. Pastured lamb and pork are available periodically throughout the year. Having learned first hand from pasture pioneer Joel Salatin, we are adopting his model to the Pacific Northwest. All of our beef, lamb, and pork are available by the piece or by the side. 
Abundant Life Farm, Scott and Marilyn Jondle, 16055 Gilliam Road, Dallas OR 97338. (503) 623-6378. E-mail:

Afton Field Farm is located in Corvallis, Oregon and owned by Tyler and Alicia Jones. Tyler is a graduate of Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm apprenticeship program and the farm is adapted to Salatin’s philosophy and multi-species rotational grazing methods. 

We offer pastured poultry, beef and lamb, and oak savanna pork. The animals spend the majority of their lives outside and are moved to fresh pasture daily or as needed. The beef and lamb are strictly grass fed. All other animals—layer chickens, broiler chickens, turkeys and hogs— forage a portion of their diet from the pasture and woods and are supplemented with custom grain mixes milled locally. The hogs are often finished on apples or acorns. We also keep bees and have honey available.

Afton Field Farm, Tyler and Alicia Jones, 3375 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis OR 97333. (541) 738-0127.

Bald Hill Farm is a family farm, owned and operated by the Martin and Heeter Families. Our philosophy is: Good for You, Good for the Animals, and Good for the Environment. We believe in raising quality, healthy meat for our community. Our animals graze on several hundred acres, free to roam and eat all that nature intended them to. We use no hormones, feed antibiotics or by-products. 
Bald Hill Farm Office & Store, 5700 SW Reservoir Avenue, Corvallis OR  97333. (541) 753-3500. E-mail: Website:


Lake View Farm is an all natural, family operated farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon since 1928. Over four generations, striving to improve with each, we currently find ourselves producing  REAL Milk, Old Fashioned Pasture Fed Chicken, Grass Fed Beef, Plump Holiday Turkeys, Farm Fresh Eggs, Tender Spring LambChevré and Fresh Lean, Milk Fed Pork.
God has shown us the advantages of wholesome food produced in a naturally seasonal, sustainable way. This has provided us with the opportunity to grow quality food on our family farm. We are committed to supplying the healthiest products possible by providing nourishing feed and quality care for our animals. To us, this means a clean, low stress environment, plenty of fresh air and sunshine and all the grass our animals can eat.
Lake View Farm, 29540 Crook Drive, Halsey OR  97348. (541) 369-2393.

The website is super cool... I feel a new obssession coming on!