Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Foods

As you may have already gathered, I am terrible at consistency.  I attempt to keep this blog updated with lots of delicious recipes, but the truth of the matter, is that I fail. There are multiple reasons for this failure, but the most significant is simply that we are too busy to eat. Yes, not just too busy to blog, but too busy to actually have a meal together.  Thus, the blog fails to be updated.

But, here I am now, writing to a non-existent audience about the woes of our busy life and our lack of exciting meals.  I've been inspired to try blogging again by a phenomenal cookbook given to me by the dear Chama.  It's pretty close to stealing the spotlight from America's Test Kitchen, which as you know, says a lot.

"The Essential Best Foods Cookbook"

My grandmother asked if all of the recipes in this book have mayonnaise in them.  Good question, and the answer is "THANK THE LORD, NO!" I despise mayo. Yuck.  Moving on...

The rest of the title: "225 Irresistible recipes featuring the healthiest and most delicious foods."

That's right: it's healthy.  I'm in love. After ogling over every single recipe in this book (even the ones without photos), we have decided that we are going to cook every single recipe this year. Which means, I'm going to have 225 NEW, healthy, delicious recipes to share with you here! Whoever you might be. Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads this. Hmm. Alright, enough of the self-affliction; I will wrap this up and give you a brand new post... wait for it..

.. delicious...

..irresistible ... 

... steak.