Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some New Favorite Things

This weekend we went to Seattle to spend some time with friends.  We didn't go to any hole-in-the-wall or fancy restaurants, but that's okay... instead, I left with a few more kitchen items to add to my arsenal!

1.  Cast-iron Skillet.
10 3/4", seasoned skillet made by Lodge Cookware for $19.95. I am very, VERY happy with this purchase from Sur La Table.  This store was incredible... I wanted to buy everything in it.  But we settled for this much-needed addition to my cookware.  Be looking for recipes that involve the use of my new baby!

2.  Soup Socks
The lovely Mrs. Wade introduced me to this concept.  I walked into her house Friday night welcomed by the homey aroma of chicken stock simmering.  Let's say I was more than enamored when I saw all the flavor makings in a neat little "sock" that can simply be picked up and thrown in the compost when the stock is done.  No more straining!  Also purchased from Sur La table, a pack of 3 for $2.95.

3. Silicone-Coated Whisk

Again, I had a heightened sense of envy when I saw this utensil in Mrs. Wade's kitchen!  Silicone-coated whisk from Crate & Barrel so that I can actually stir things are intended in my non-stick cookware without scratching the coating!  Thank you, Mrs. Wade for the someday-we'll-be-mother's day present. :)

4. Breakfast Bowl and Saucers
My favorite new kitchen, also courtesy of Mrs. Wade.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mish! Two of these over-sized mugs and saucers in the reddish color are very happy in my cupboard and will be even more cheery with breakfast food in them!  


Mrs.Wade said...

yay! that makes me so happy!! :D