Friday, December 31, 2010


Last fall (2009), we made 21 quarts of applesauce.  This year, I made about 7, but still worth it!

The kitchen becomes a workshop!

First you wash the apples...

 Then you quarter them...

 Put 'em in a big pot

Add a little water and cook 'em til they're soft but not mushy

Get your water-bath canner ready (fill with water and bring to a boil); Start sanitizing those lids too! 

Set up the "Squeeze-O"

Mash the apples through the squeeze-o

See the pretty applesauce come through the filter!

 Ladle the applesauce into a jar using a wide-mouthed funnel and sanitized jars!

Put the lids on, making sure no water is on the rim, and stick 'em in the water-bath

Process 20 minutes with the lid on, and then let them cool!

 Pink Lady apples make pink applesauce. :)


rosepua said...

That is the type of instructions that would get me to try this, pictures and all! Thanks, Lovely.

Josh & Krissa said...

I want yummy applesauce. Maybe that should be our next cooking adventure together.