Friday, December 3, 2010


This is not a recipe.  Just a little disclaimer of my philosophy of nutrition... :)

God created a variety of wonderful foods, all with its each unique purpose and place in human development.  Man added a few crazy edible items to God's list, all of which are not as easy to digest and most which tend to add pounds and discomfort.  The best way to eat is food in it's natural, original form.  This includes fat foods like unsalted butter, olive oil, and avocados.  Our body needs fat, sodium, sugar to survive and work to the best of its ability.  The KEY is to eat a well-balanced and whole-foods diet.  That means EATING protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, and some sweets.  Everything in moderation...

That being said, my recipes will be a compilation of both "healthy" recipes and "treat" recipes.  The one trend amongst them all is whole, natural foods.  I do my best to include recipes that use ingredients that I could either grow given the space/time or make in my own kitchen (again given the time/resources).  In addition, I only use ingredients that I could explain to an 8 year old how it was made or where it came from.  SO, these recipes might not always seem low-fat or low-sugar, but I will try to use such ingredients (for example, butter instead of canola oil... i know, seems silly, but really it's better for you...).

Also, God created us to enjoy things of this earth in moderation.  As long as we're not gluttonous and addicted to "bad-for-you" foods, it's okay to savor a sweet every once in a while.

Alright, disclaimer done!  Just thought I'd share some thoughts...