Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner Party!

I had the amazing privilege to plan and "cater" a party in honor of my friend Melissa's 30th birthday.  Unfortunately, in the midst of all the planning, cooking, and partying, I failed to take photos of the meal, and many of the guests!  

Planning a party may seem like a lot of work, stress, and money, but if done right, it can be smooth sailing.  It takes some organization and creativity.  We had a blast!

~The Menu~

The Prep:

Bruschetta (recipe to follow in a later post)

Veggie platter with Green Goddess Dip (recipe also to follow in a later post)

First Course:
Toasted Sourdough Bread 

Main Course:
Summer Broccoli Salad (recipe to follow)
Mixed-Veggie Salad (recipe to follow)

Courtesy of the talented Katelyne Willard!


Josh & Krissa said...

LOVE IT!! Looks like it was a fun night!