Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Menu

I'm only going to post recipes for the new recipes after I make them so I can tell you what changes to make. :) Also, my February menu left me with 3 extra meals (due to night's out or extra left-overs), so there's some repeats from last month...

3/2-3: Spaghetti & Meatballs
3/4: Turkey Noodle Soup (from the freezer)
3/5-6: Chicken curry & rice
3/7: Krautranzas (from the freezer)
3/8: Popcorn, apples, and cheese
3/9-10: Chicken Flautas
3/11: Pita bread & hummus
3/12: Thai chicken pitas 
3/13: Thai chicken & rice
3/14: Chili (from the freezer)
3/15: Popcorn, apples, and cheese
3/16-17: Beef stroganoff & broccoli
3/18: Split Pea Soup (freezer)
3/19-20: spaghetti & meatballs w/ veggies
3/21: stir fry w/ rice
3/22: Popcorn, apples & cheese
3/23-24: Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup
3/25-26: Krautranzas (Mac's going to be home by himself, so I don't really have to plan)
3/27-29: OREGON!!!!! 
3/30-31: Pasta w/ pea sauce